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Director General's Welcome Message

Director General's Message.

Director General's Welcome Message

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Latest News

Aug 14, 2019

World class IT- service provider, West Blue Consulting, has embarked on the e-Ananse project that seeks to revitalize the reading culture in Ghana by providing the needed tools to the public to compete in the 21st century.

West Blue Consulting intends to give access to high quality, contemporary literature, state of the art computing facilities and world class literary events.
General Manager, Operations of West Blue, Kingsley Abeyei disclosed that this initiative is one that is dear to the founder of the company, Valentina Mintah whose vision has been to create an environment in which Ghanaians feel supported and inspired to become more literate individuals through the development of e-Ananse libraries throughout the country.

“It is an ongoing project with one here, in Osu and one at Legon but I’m sure with time you will see more of such things being rolled out throughout the country,” he disclosed. 
He also revealed that the name e-Ananse was chosen to convey the message of originality and belief in African literature, and the need to inculcate certain classic methods of storytelling back into the current generation.
According to Sylvia Arthur, the Project Consultant, E-Ananse libraries feature Afrocentric collection of contemporary and classic fiction and non-fiction by African writers, an e-Ananse technology hub equipped with state of the art internet enabled PCs, an Ananse Amphitheatre all managed by a highly professional staff.

“When you come into an e-Ananse library, you will know you entering a space in which African writers and writers of African descent. Their work is valued which is unlike many other libraries not just in Ghana but around the world as well,” she explained.
Currently, e-Ananse libraries are conveniently located in Osu and Legon so that people in Accra can get easy access to them.

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  • August 14,2019

    The President of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo, has cut sod for works to commence on two costal fishing ports and fish landing sites in Axim, and Moree, Western Region of Ghana.
    The fishing facilities, are among an entire project consisting of 10 fishing ports and fish landing sites along the coast of the country and expected to be completed in 18 months. When completed, they would have a cold storage facility, an iced block making factory and a net mending shed among other amenities.

    The president of the nation, Nana Akufo Addo who expressed his commitment to bring massive developments to the coastal regions of Ghana, indicated that the ultra-modern fishing ports and fish landing sites would be ready by November 2020.
    “I want to assure you we have reliable contractors who will be doing this project. 18 months from now the projects will be completed,” he stated. 
    He said the project does not only comprise of the fishing facility, but also, recreational and educational facilities would be constructed in addition, to improve wholly the socio-economic standards of the community.

    Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development, Elizabeth Afoley Quaye, noted that the project will transform the fishing sector.
    “The completion of the landing site will help increase the productivity of fishers by providing safe place for berthing of canoes and fish handling,” she said.  

    The Minister of Transport, Kweku Ofori Asiamah, expressed Government’s commitment to ensure that all needed projects left unaddressed, will be attended to for the development of the nation.
    According to the Chinese Ambassador to Ghana, the entire project which consists of 10 fishing ports and fish landing sites along the coast of the country is funded by the Government of China which is a typical demonstration of China’s great bilateral relationship with Ghana.
    The Chief of Axim said the township receives the project with much joy knowing it would contribute tremendously to the development of the area.

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  • August 14,2019

    Workers of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) have registered their displeasure at what they term as political interference in the work of the Authority.
    According to the staff of the GRA, the interference from government is affecting the morale of staff of the revenue generating authority to give off their best.

    The aggrieved workers at a durbar in Accra accused their management and some politicians of interfering in their work which they lamented is hampering the operations of the GRA.
    Although they fell short of mentioning names, they said the extent of interference is such that it will make it difficult for the tax collection body to meet its revenue target for this year.

    They cite, for instance, the irregular recruitment of personnel into the service whose competence usually is in doubt due to their poor performance.
    “The same people who came in through political appointments, have their children working as clearing agents who are using exemptions to clear goods. Is that not conflict of interest?”, a staff exclaimed.

    Secretary of the National Union of GRA Workers, Ken Tweneboakodua said those interfering in their work should put a stop to the practice of ordering custom officers and GRA staff to discharge and release impounded contraband goods.
    “When you are not lucky and you want to act like a proper customs man, an importer from the port would want to exhibit his power over you and threaten to take your job,” he said.

    Government as part of the ECOWAS protocol removed a number of Customs officers from the vantage points to allow unhindered movement of vehicles. 
    The Union is, however, calling on government to bring the men back because their absence is impacting negatively on revenue generation. 

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  • August 14,2019

    A 45-member delegation made up of faculty members and participants of the Nigerian Army War College Course 3 led by a Brigadier General has visited the Port of Tema on a study tour.
    The study tour was embarked on with the purpose of exposing course participants on port operations, and security measures undertaken by Ghana’s ports, in light of growing security concerns in the sub region.

    They were taken through a presentation by Lydia Tham, a Senior Marketing and Public Affairs Officer, who outlined how electronic processes at Ghana Ports have enhanced security and Port efficiency.
    “The Vice President gave a directive that all agencies working in the port should automate their processes so that we can reduce the delays associated with the clearance process and also achieve one of our focal points, which is the just in time supply chain,” she outlined.

    The Port Security Manager, Colonel Joseph Punamane, addressing concerns of security on the Gulf of Guinea, said although Ghana is yet to see significant threat on its territorial waters, it is collaborating with security agencies in neighboring countries, to mitigate the menace of piracy and armed robbery in the Gulf of Guinea.
    Participants of the Nigerian delegation encouraged closer collaboration with Ghana, in order to truly eliminate all security challenges bedeviling the West African space.

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  • August 14,2019

    The recreational facility named Tema Manhean Sports Complex, when completed in 12 months, would boast of a world class astro-turf football playing field with sufficient illumination for night games, a spectators’ stand, a multipurpose court, tennis lawn and a children’s playground.

    The Member of Parliament of Tema East, who is also the Deputy Minister of Transport, Daniel Titus Glover, thanked the Ghana Ports and Harbors Authority for bringing such an enormous investment to the area which would positively affect the livelihood of the people in the community. 

    He expressed his commitment to ensure that Government does all within its power to improve developments in the area.                                                          

    “I’d like to thank the Directors and Management of the Ghana Ports and Harbors Authority for remembering us. It is my intention that all that we been deprived of would be brought back here” the Deputy Minister of Transport said.

    The Paramount Chief of Tema, Nii Adjei Kraku, thanking GPHA, entreated his subjects to safeguard the treasure bestowed unto the community.
    “I entreat you to take good care of the facility. We, who are chiefs will also be watchdogs,” he implored. 
    According to the General Manager, Estate and Environment of GPHA James Gaisie, the Ghana Ports and Harbors Authority prides itself in supporting the Tema traditional community since the port continues to flourish on the soils of Tema. 
    He said the sports complex is intended to harness the sports potential of the youth of the community.
    “The reason why GPHA got involved was because, the port land as you see is Tema land that was acquired by the State. And as a monument to honor the people of Tema, we decided to finance and sponsor this project,” he stated.

    The Chief Executive Officer of Wembley Sports Complex Construction Company, the company contracted to build the facility said, he is pleased to have the opportunity to transform the currently bare sandy park, to a state of the art facility and would ensure optimum maintenance of the sports complex.

     The CEO of Wembley Sports Complex assured that the project will be completed on schedule and also urged other corporate organizations to emulate GPHA’s gesture. 
    “We are extremely humbled by what GPHA has done and it’s one of the things we have been calling on corporate bodies to support various constituencies and communities they operate in. We have a vision and a dream that every constituency in this country should be able to have a 

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  • August 14,2019

    Construction works of the First Phase of the much touted Atlantic Multipurpose Terminal, which is being built by a wholly Ghanaian company, Ibistek Company Ltd, has commenced at the Port of Takoradi. 
    The First phase of Atlantic Terminal when completed, would boast of a depth of -16m draft and a quay length of 600m.

    With its ultra-modern design, it would cater for all forms of cargo, especially containerized cargo which the Port of Takoradi is yet to harness its accompanying full potential.
    Chairman of Ibistek Ltd, Kwame Gyan, expressed Government’s faith in making sure for the first time in the history of the country, a wholly local company is contracted to build deep sea port infrastructure.
    “I would want to take this opportunity to acknowledge the contribution of His Excellency the President of the Republic who personally took this project as his project and tradition has been that locals are either stevedores, or operators of off dock terminals.” 

    He said, the company has all the requisite financial and technical capacity to develop the world class project, and delays previously were due to international bureaucracies of review.
    “A project of this magnitude requires a lot of international transactions- foreign lawyers, foreign parties, foreign financial and technical advisors and each person or group has to give their input to the satisfaction of every party,” he disclosed. 
    Pascal Dumez, Project Manager of Jan De Nul, the international marine engineering firm in charge of the physical construction of the Atlantic Terminal said, it would employ as many as 250-300 local hands directly during the span of the construction which he revealed is 24months.

    The Director of the Port of Takoradi, Ebenezer Afadzi, expressed excitement towards the project, saying the Multipurpose terminal when completed would not only provide employment to Ghanaians, but would increase revenue for the Port of Takoradi, which intends to grow its container traffic.
    “With the coming in of this container multipurpose terminal with a depth of -16 meters, we are hoping that we will able to at least get to about 200,00 the first year, and be able to compete with other ports in West Africa,” he said.

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